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Business Law

Business Law

For small business owners, encountering legal issues is a matter of when, not if. Cameron & Kane, LLC represents small business from many diverse industries across the City of Chicago. With expertise in companies, commercial, intellectual property, employment, and many other field of law relevant to small businesses, we provide cost-effective and comprehensive services to our clients on both an hourly and flat fee basis. Consultations are free.


Kane Community Law

Because the needs of small businesses are always unique, Kane Community Law is a generalist firm – able to adapt to and handle almost any legal controversy. However, through experience, Mr. Kane’s practice has developed an expertise in corporate, commercial, and real estate law. Additionally, Mr. Kane is well versed in the unique legal and procedural complexities associated with defending against “copyright troll” lawsuits in federal court.

“[Cameron & Kane, LLC] has been vital to the success and protection of our company, Halfwit Coffee Roasters. As a young company, we rely on Scott to not only execute our requests but to help us delve into how we can better value and safeguard our assets. Mr. Kane is always seeking to understand the workings of our unique industry in order to counsel us better, coming to our place of business to meet with us when necessary, and taking a real interest in what we do. I trust him to be honest about the best course of action, and to be knowledgeable about the law. Mr. Kane is an indispensable ally, and I look forward to many years of working with him.”

– Andrea O


"[Cameron & Kane, LLC] really exceeded my expectations and his work was worth every penny. He was very knowledgeable about a variety of topics, but was also direct when there was an area he had less experience with. Scott also was very considerate of my expenses so he worked efficiently. I can't recommend Scott enough and I would love to hire him again should the need arise."

- Christopher G.


"Fantastic Legal Counsel for Small Businesses [Cameron & Kane, LLC] helped me form my LLC and was extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Mr. Kane took the time to make sure I understood the different corporation types and which was best for me. Mr. Kane also offered guidance with other areas a small business like mine might need legal protection, such as intellectual property & commercial law. If you're a small business owner I would highly recommend him."

- Jill R.