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Commercial & Business Litigation

Commercial & Business Litigation

Sometimes business disputes cannot be amicably resolved outside of court and demand litigative action. Cameron & Kane, LLC has the experience and expertise to ensure your voice is heard and your rights enforced in a court of law. Our firm is reach to file or defend actions in breach of contract, wage payment and collection, breach of fiduciary duty, and other business matters. Consultations are free.

Client Testimonials

“I was extremely lucky to find my way to [Cameron & Kane, LLC] while figuring out how to cope with an unexpected and extremely stressful legal entanglement related to copyright infringement. Within moments of my first phone conversation with Scott, I was impressed by the values and ethics guiding his practice and by his quick, honest, and pragmatic legal advice. Hiring him to help me through the case was a no-brainer and I am relieved that I did; within a few weeks, he guided me to the best possible outcome under the circumstances, and in retrospect it is clear that without his services things might have gone very poorly indeed. In other words, his work transformed what might have been a life-derailing obstacle into an unfortunate but survivable speed-bump, and that is no small feat. Throughout the process he was prompt, transparent, responsive, and always took the time to mobilize a sharp command of the legal facts of my situation to reduce my anxieties and worst-case-scenario fears. And he did all this for an eminently reasonable and affordable fee, well below what I was offered by larger firms. In short, Scott is excellent at what he does, and is motivated to do it for all the right reasons--justice, equity, fairness, and respect for the rule of law. Please do not hesitate to engage his services.”

– Peter K.